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Sooners prevail in Bedlam Tailgating Showdown

Life | Updated: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 | Comment on this article Leave a comment

Bedlam Tailgating Showdown: For the second year in a row, University of Oklahoma Sooner and Oklahoma State University Cowboy fans competed in a tailgating clash, and this year, OU's crimson and cream edged OSU's orange and black. Tailgating Bedlam recipes Tailgating Home

OSU Tailgating locales by year

  • Cowboys edge Sooners in this Bedlam battle

    By Dave Cathey | Updated: Wed, Nov 24, 2010

    American Propane, 7401 N Broadway, recently hosted our first Bedlam Tailgating Showdown, and Bart Towne of Stillwater brought home the gold on behalf of the Cowboys.

  • Cowboy Tailgating: Ken Hudgeons and His Band of Merry Tailgaiters

    Dave Cathey | Updated: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

    Ken Hudgeons and his band of merry tailgaters are serious about having a good time. Each week they set up across the street from the northwest corner of Boone Pickens Stadium at the entrance of the Posse Parking. They use a custom-made cooking trailer to prepare food for anywhere from 85 to as...

  • Cowboy Tailgating: Kingfisher Tailgate

    Dave Cathey | Updated: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

    When a bunch with roots to Kingfisher County decided they needed to set up a proper tailgate, the decision to turn to Bart Towne, OSU Class of 1985, was easy as 1-2-3.

  • Cowboy Tailgating: Javier and Greg's

    Dave Cathey | Updated: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

    Bankers aren’t usually guys you figure to be the life of the party. But then you’ve probably never met Javier Gamarra or Greg Buchanan. The two Tulsa bankers have been leading the tailgating charge between Hester and Knoblock for years, evolving from buddies sipping suds out of a van (NOT down by...

  • Stillwater eateries delight food fans

    BY DAVE CATHEY | Updated: Wed, Sep 1, 2010

    From a jumpin' little juke joint to Beard Foundation quality, Stillwater offers the dining you seek for game days.