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Take note, OKC traffic commission

Published: March 30, 2013

Traffic lights in Oklahoma City are out of hand, especially the left-turn arrows. Almost every intersection that has a traffic light has a left-turn lane, but 90 percent of intersections that have left-turn lanes don't need a left-turn arrow. They need only a simple green light. These unnecessary arrows impede traffic flow and waste countless time and fuel. At NW 63 and Portland, there's a blinking left-turn arrow that only confuses things. These “delayed” left-turn arrows that repeat in the same traffic sequence are idiotic. As many as nine lanes of traffic can be waiting for one car to turn left. Wonder why we have an air pollution problem in Oklahoma City?

Also, I don't like the way the major downtown streets have been taken from one-way to two-way. The streets are too narrow as it is. If the streets were one-way, there might even be room for a bike lane. The two-way streets take twice as many traffic lights, waste all that yellow paint for dividing lanes, and left-turning traffic has to cross opposing traffic to turn — all unnecessary on one-way streets.

Bryce Duke, Oklahoma City