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Target animal cruelty, not dogs

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: January 23, 2013

Regarding “Bill would allow cities to ban or restrict specific dog breeds” (News, Jan. 17): State Sen. Patrick Anderson's proposed legislation, while possibly well intentioned, is simply misguided. It's born of the same kind of lazy thinking that perpetuates stereotyping and racism in other realms of human thought. It is, in fact, K-9 racism. Anderson would be advised to rethink his legislation and instead concentrate on the ignorance and cruelty of dog owners who tether, isolate and train aggression in their dogs.

Pit bull terriers are, no doubt, the target of this backdoor attempt to stereotype a particular breed. But with a little forethought, it should be obvious that this breed is the preferred target of people who want to either have guard dogs or want to fight them, all because of their muscularity and physical strength. My plea to Anderson is this: Go after animal cruelty. The link to this and violence to humans is documented. Perhaps some real changes in our high murder rate could be achieved with such legislative initiatives.

Gary Roberts, Oklahoma City

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