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Tax avoidance among reasons to shop online

Published: September 21, 2012

Brad Henry and Mike Rounds (Point of View, Sept. 12) poignantly demonstrate that bureaucrats have never met a tax they don't like. They contend that we'll “owe” $200 million in uncollected taxes from Internet sales. We don't “owe” squat! Cost avoidance is a legitimate action and fiscally prudent. If there's a legitimate concern to “ensure tax parity between Main Street business and online retailers,” then actively seek to reduce the onerous taxes that Main Street is responsible for collecting. Furthermore, the city, state and federal governments don't own my money. Therefore, they don't lose revenue if I choose to exercise my fundamental right of choice.

There are many reasons to shop online other than tax avoidance. Size, selection, availability and price are reasons I shop online. I omitted convenience because stores are where they are. So how can brick-and-mortar stores compete with cybersales? If you can't beat them, join them, as many businesses have already done. Add an online addition to your enterprise. This also solves the tax collection issue. My veterinarian has that option, sales tax included, and it's great.

Proactively, the state should strive to make it attractive for large online merchants to locate here. Then everyone would win.

Pete Lepo, Edmond