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Tax movie, video and music industries

Published: January 6, 2013

It dawned on me that we're missing out on enormous revenue opportunities by not imposing massive tax hikes on certain industries currently overlooked. When I think of industries that are heavily taxed for the benefit of society, I think of tobacco and oil. Areas I believe we can extract more tax dollars from for the benefit of society are the movie, video game and music industries. These are industries that take enormous amounts of the people's money from the economy and put it in the hands of a few. These people do minimal work. Talking, singing, perhaps playing an instrument, yet they're allowed to take in massive amounts of cash and put it in their own pockets. This isn't fair.

Just like tobacco and oil, these industries should be forced through taxation to give it back to the masses of people it is taken from. For example, if a song is played, whether on an iPod, radio or computer, we the people should receive a tax royalty.

The huge payday received by actors for merely talking and faking emotion should be heavily taxed along with the video game industry. I think 60 percent is fair.

If you believe that fleecing these industries with tax liability will cost the price of a movie ticket to go up or cause you to pay more for a CD, don't worry. When you extract more tax from the top, it doesn't affect those below; it makes everything fair.

K. B. Flaniken, Midwest City


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