Tax rates can't be determined by mailing addresses

Published: September 21, 2012

Regarding “Unpaid sales tax online totals millions” (Business, Sept. 16): Former Gov. Brad Henry and others lament the loss of sales taxes from purchases made using the Internet. They fail to understand one important point. You can't accurately determine the proper city and county taxing jurisdiction from a mailing address. That address was never intended to identify the actual city and county where a residence is located. It identifies the location of the post office that serves a residence. That's why we have entire housing additions with hundreds of homes bearing Yukon addresses but actually located in Oklahoma City. That's why we have rural addresses that carry the name of a city but are exempt from any city sales tax. And we have cities with boundaries that extend into more than one county.

How can a retailer determine the correct city and county tax rate to be applied?

Bill Walker, Yukon

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