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Tax smokers, not obese people

Published: February 15, 2013

“Obamacare Catch-22 could impact millions of smokers” (Our Views, Feb. 6) reminds me how much people are misinformed on the differences of smoking and eating. It doesn't make sense to tax the obese along with a smoker. Yet the government wants to do just that. Already, New York City is limiting how much soda you can buy in one cup. Really!

I can eat and eat and eat and not gain weight. Yet some people can eat a sandwich and gain weight. So the government wants to punish you for that? Some people have weight issues because of genetics. Now the government wants to put you in the same category as a smoker. Here's the difference in smoking and anything else a human does to exist: When we're born, we're born with natural desires — the desire to drink, reproduce (sex), eat and sleep. You have to eat and drink to replenish the body; doctors say you would die from lack of sleep before lack of food. Smoking isn't natural. It's a habit. You don't have to smoke. It's not normal for someone to inhale smoke into their body. It also affects people around you. I've been affected almost all my life by people who smoke. If I'm 30 pounds overweight, how does that bother you?

Don't tax my weight. Tax the smokers; they're different.

Brad Urban, Blanchard


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