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Teen Disciplined For Carrying Purse Filled With Feminine Products Published: April 25, 2014

An Illinois mother is outraged after her 17-year-old daughter was punished for bringing a purse to school, which she used to carry feminine products, according to a story published Wednesday by local news affiliate WQAD8.

Yahoo Shine reports back in October, Galesburg High School principal Roy Van Meter imposed a rule that prohibited students from carrying purses in an effort to ban weapons, drugs, and cell phones. “Things like people texting in purses — in class or inappropriate items coming into class and so it wasn’t a single incident, it wasn’t even two or three, it was a combination of all those,” Van Meter explained to WQAD8 when the ban was first implemented. The school also prohibits students from bringing backpacks or book bags into the classroom.

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