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Teen issues come to fore in ‘Firebreather'

Cartoon Network's adaptation of the Image Comics series “Firebreather” comes to DVD.
BY MATTHEW PRICE Published: March 25, 2011

“One of the cool things about comics is, it seems like producers like to hang out in comic shops,” Hester said.

The “Firebreather” property was considered for a live-action adaptation and a 2-D animation before Cartoon Network decided on the 3-D CGI adaptation. Hester says he's pleased with how the film turned out.

“They hired really talented people, and they just let them do their thing, so we didn't have too much to worry about,” he said.

“Aeon Flux” creator Peter Chung (“The Animatrix — Matriculated”) directed the film, and James Kreig (“Ben 10: Alien Swarm”) wrote the screenplay.

“(They) just use our book as a springboard, and let those guys riff, and it turned out great,” Hester said.

What's next?

A new printing of “Firebreather Volume 1: Growing Pains” includes the original miniseries and the 60 page one-shot “Firebreather: The Iron Saint” as well as an expanded sketch section.

The second issue of Firebreather's third volume, “Holmgang,” is scheduled to ship in April.

“It's a Norse term for a duel of honor,” Hester said. “It's about Duncan dueling with some long-lost members of his family for the right to ascend to his father's throne as King of the Monsters.”

Hester, who calls himself a “huge Godzilla fan” is currently drawing “Godzilla” for IDW and writing “Wonder Woman” for DC Comics, in addition to his work on “Firebreather.”

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