Teen Wanted Liposuction Until She Got It

gma.yahoo.com Published: March 27, 2014

Kate McMahon was 10 years old when her mother told her she had “thunder thighs” in a store dressing room. Though her mom comforted her that she’d grow out of the “baby fat,” the damage to her body image was done, according to Good Morning America.

By the time McMahon was 18, she underwent liposuction, but it’s something the now-28-year-old immediately regretted, she wrote in an article for Rookie Magazine called “Out of (My) Body.” The purpose of the article, she told ABCNews.com, was to teach other young girls that they don’t need plastic surgery to love themselves.

“It had been something I was really ashamed of and embarrassed about for a long time,” she told ABCNews.com of getting liposuction. She added that she’s been on a quest to accept her body for the past year and writing the article was part of that process.

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