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Teens had guns outside boy's home, police said

Shooting brings out anger, sadness in Duncan, on Internet and across world.
by Nolan Clay and Adam Kemp Modified: August 22, 2013 at 12:02 am •  Published: August 21, 2013

Crudup said she is disgusted because she knows he was raised better.

She said it was a simple matter of him falling into the wrong crowd on the wrong side of town in Duncan.

“He just started hanging out with all the wrong people and was influenced in a very negative way,” she said.

“I told him to be who you are; you have your own mind. At the end of the day, if something happens, where are all your new little friends gonna be?”

Crudup said her brother was a good student and a star athlete.

He had hoped to earn a scholarship for college through wrestling.

But Crudup says Edwards, Luna and Jones began mixing it up with people on the east side of Duncan at the Elm Terrace apartment complex.

She believes they got caught up in trying to impress the older crowd of guys that live out there by drinking and doing drugs.

“When he met people on the other side of town, complete 360,” she said. “It hurt me that he changed, but what hurts more is knowing where he came from.”

Ford said his officers are familiar with the Elm Terrace complex as they respond to calls out there on a regular basis.

“We are out there a considerable amount for fights, robbery, vandalism. It really runs the gauntlet,” he said.

“I wouldn't want to make that analogy about a good side of town or a bad side of town because all across town there are good people. Even out at Elm Terrace.”

The atmosphere at Elm Terrace was intense Wednesday.

Residents shouted warnings at other residents not to talk about the shooting with anyone.

But Tiffany Lilly, who has lived in the Elm Terrace apartments for three years, said she is sick of seeing young men get arrested and put in jail.

Lilly, 34, said she knew Luna and Edwards were headed for trouble the more they hung out at Elm Terrace.

“Last year they started coming out here,” she said. “I guess they started feeling the need to prove their manhood and felt like they needed to be out here. I tried to encourage them to make good choices and get outside the box, with the box being Duncan.”

While speaking to The Oklahoman, Lilly was interrupted by a neighbor who warned her not to talk about the boys.

“‘Hun, I don't care anything about the homies or none of that. This right here is real life,” she said back.

“We need a solution out here. They need role models.”

Pastor's reaction

Ryan Benton, the youth pastor for First Christian Church in Duncan, said Edwards used to be an active member in the church. The pastor said he had many talks with Edwards about needing to be a leader and not a follower.

Benton said things took a turn for the worse after Edwards was suspended from school and was off the wrestling team.

“I think he was in a really bad place because he was expelled and wrestling was his life,” Benton said. “We would always see him when life wasn't going that great for him, but this time around he didn't come back.”

Benton described Edwards as funny and witty, but that his favorite way of getting a laugh was usually verbally picking on others.

“He had an issue with picking on kids,” he said. “He would choose to capitalize on people's fault. He was a mess but he had a lot of potential to turn it around. We would never have expected this though.”

Crudup has a hard time keeping the tears back as she looks at the comments made about her brother.

She said she feels extremely sad about Lane's death and can't imagine what the three boys were thinking.

“I read where he was down there dancing along after he was arrested and I said, you need to be down there praying,” she said.

“He didn't realize how deep he was but now he does.”

by Nolan Clay
Sr. Reporter
Nolan Clay was born in Oklahoma and has worked as a reporter for The Oklahoman since 1985. He covered the Oklahoma City bombing trials and witnessed bomber Tim McVeigh's execution. His investigative reports have brought down public officials,...
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by Adam Kemp
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Adam Kemp is an enterprise reporter and videographer for the Oklahoman and Kemp grew up in Oklahoma City before attending Oklahoma State University. Kemp has interned for the Oklahoman, the Oklahoma Gazette and covered Oklahoma State...
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