Teens squeeze an invention from watery ketchup

gma.yahoo.com Published: April 23, 2014

It's a problem we've all faced. Just when your omelet or burger is ready for a quick hit of ketchup before digging in, it happens: watery ketchup, according to Good Morning America.

Unlike the rest of us, two Kansas City, Mo., teenagers were not willing to settle for anything less than perfect tomato spread, so they did something about it. As a part of their Project Lead the Way engineering class at Liberty North High School in which students create solutions to problems through engineering, Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, both 18, came up with the idea after thinking of answers to the prompt, "It bothers me when…"

The two friends were both bothered by watery ketchup, and after an online survey to family and friends, they found that 85 percent of people said they agreed and, more than that, that they'd be interested in paying for a solution to too-liquidy spread. Thus, their year-long project was born, GMA reports.

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