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Texas Tech’s Brandon Carter sporting clean-cut look

INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL Combine can sober up the rowdiest of characters. Just check out Texas Tech wild man Brandon Carter.

You remember the wild man of Lubbock. Carter’s Mohawk haircut, painted face, tattooed body and ringed lip made him an iconic figure in Big 12 football. Iconic and cartoonish.

But none of that persona was evident Thursday in Lucas Oil Stadium, where Carter began the interview process with prospective NFL teams.

"Every team has asked about it,” Carter said of his appearance. "They think I have a questionable character because of the image they perceived. But once you get to know me, you realize I’m not a headcase. I get pumped up; that’s what every team needs to do.”

Carter sported a regular haircut Thursday and said the Mohawk is gone. And the painted face is in his past. "I’m done with that,” Carter said.

Carter, an offensive tackle, is projected as a fourth- or fifth-round draft pick. Tech linemen often have to overcome the stigma of playing in Mike Leach’s severe spread, with linemen splits as wide as two or three yards and never in a three-point stance. That kind of formation does not work in the NFL.

But Carter noted the four Tech offensive linemen in the NFL and said the adjustment is easy.

"I played in the East-West All-Star Game,” Carter said.