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Text from the Search Warrant Affidavit - Kevin Underwood's home

Oklahoman Published: April 19, 2006



) SS.



The undersigned, being duly sworn, deposes and says: That he has reason to believe that on the premises known as:

1000 North 8th Street, Purcell, State of Oklahoma, more specifically described as the Purcell Park Apartments. The apartment complex consist of four apartment buildings. Apartment 115 is located in the building on the east side of the complex and runs parallel to 9th Street. The building is a two story reddish brick building with green trim and a flat roof. Apartment 115 is located in the southernmost section of the building and is the apartment located on the southeast corner of the breezeway. The front door of the apartment is green in color and the numbers 115 are on a white plate at the top of the door. See maps page 1 0f 6 attached hereto as exhibit "A. Further, a 1998 Buick 4 door vehicle, Oklahoma tag MPP-116, VIN #1G4HR52K5wh526344 which is parked in the parking lot of the above-mention address. The vehicle is parked on the north side in the southwest corner of the parking lot directly to the rear of Apartment 115;

or within the curtilage thereunto belonging, all within the City of Purcell. County of McClain, State of Oklahoma, there is now certain property or tangible items, namely:

1. Evidence concerning an investigation of the crime of murder, including but not limited to, the human remains of Jamie Rose Bolin, blood, physiological fluids and secretions, hair, fibers, fingerprints, palmprints, footprints, shoeprints, shoes, clothing and other garments, weapons, cutting instruments and tools, blunt force instruments, items containing traces of any of the preceding articles, items of personal property found on the premsis which show what person or persons have custody and control of the articles sought at the described premises which constitutes evidence of the commission of a crime, evidence that a particular person participated in the commission of a crime, and the instrumentality of the crime(s) of murder.

2. Personal computer, to include but not limited to electronic storage devices, disk drives, floppy drives, memory sticks.

3. A girl's 20-inch bicycle, purplish in color.

Further, your Affiant states, in support of this application, and for showing that there is probable cause for the issuance of a search warrant, as follows:


Your Affiant is Detective Mike Morrow who has been employed as a Purcell Police Officer for over sixteen years. I am currently assigned to the detective division and have been seven years. That your Affiant has training in technical investigations and has investigated numerous serious crimes. Your Affiant has received specialized training and experience in the collection of physical evidence and the preservation of said evidence for later presentation in court. I have personal knowledge of the facts and circumstances hereinafter related as a result of my own investigative efforts, and those of fellow officers who have related their findings to me.

Your Affiant states that on or about the 12th day of April 2006, your Affiant became involved in the investigation of a missing person. Your Affiant was advised that Jamie Rose Bolin had been reported missing by her father. Mr. Bolin stated her bicycle was also missing. Ms Bolin lived at 1000 North 8th, Apartment 115, Purcell Park Apartments. A search for Ms. Bolin commenced which including officers from the McClain County Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office, and other agencies including the FBI.

On April 14, 2006, your Affiant was advised by Special Agent Craig Overby, FBI that he had started a canvass of the apartment complex area. The canvass began at approximately 10:00 a.m. Agent Overby contacted the apartment manager, Tim Bayer, of the Purcell Park Apartments. Mr. Bayer stated that he had heard that one of his tenants, Kevin Underwood, who resides in apartment 115, had been the last person known to have seen and talked with Ms. Bolin.

Agent Overby advised your Affiant that at approximately 3:45 p.m. he made contact with Kevin Underwood in the area of 6th and Lincoln in the City of Purcell. Mr. Underwood stated he would talk with the Agents and would accompanied them to the Purcell Police Department. Agent Overby advised that he told Mr. Underwood that he was not under arrest.

Mr. Underwood was interviewed by Agents Overby and Maag.

During the interview Mr. Underwood stated that when he last saw Ms. Bolin she was not wearing the clothing that had been reported to the media. Mr. Underwood stated that he had observed Ms. Bolin wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and pink shorts. Agent Overby stated he told Mr. Underwood that they were finished with the interview and would be taking him home to his apartment. Agent Overby stated he asked Mr. Underwood if they could look in his apartment to insure Ms. Bolin was not in the apartment. Agent Overby stated that Mr. Underwood gave consent to search the apartment. Agent Oberby stated that he asked if he could look in the bedroom closet and Mr. Underwood consented. Agent Overly stated he observed a very large plastic container sealed with duct tape in the bottom of the closet. Agent Overby stated he asked Mr. Underwood what was in the container and Mr. Underwood stated comic books. Agent Overly stated he asked if he could look in the container and Mr. Underwood again consented to the search.

Agent Overby stated he opened the contained and observed what he believed to be the shirt that Mr. Underwood stated that she was wearing. Agent Overby stated I thought there was comic books in here, there is only clothes. At that time Mr. Underwood stated "go ahead and arrest me. She is in there. I chopped her up. Agent Overby then closed the container and took custody of Mr. Underwood.

A signed consent was obtained from Mr. Underwood and Agent Overly when inside the residence to confirm that Ms. Bolin was deceased. Agent Overly advised your Affiant she was deceased and inside the container.

That your Affiant has personal knowledge based on Affiant's training and experience that crimes of violence such as the one described above, involve a struggle, the breaking of objects, the use of weapons, and normally harmless instrumentality's employed as offensive weapons. That the person or persons participating in the commission of a violent offense are in contact with physical surroundings in a forceful or otherwise detectable manner.

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