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Thank you, Mike Morgan, for early warning

Published: June 7, 2013

Regarding “Why did so many people flee their homes Friday?” (News, June 4): Mike Morgan gave a warning earlier in the day about gathering your children and having a place in mind to go because the weather was going to be bad. His warning gave us time to call our children at their jobs to take action if needed. They went home early and sought shelter. Thank you, Mike, for your early warnings. You're a good weatherman. The storm on Friday could have been worse if not for the excellent weatherman that we have in Oklahoma. Thanks to all the forecasters and storm watchers for having our safety foremost in their reports.

Other states aren't so lucky to have such great weathermen who forecast, report and warn us. May God bless each of you for the lives you've saved. This last storm was as bad as it gets; many were saved because of our weathermen who keep us informed. Remember, the weathermen can only predict and warn. We must all use common sense as to what we do with the information.

By watching Oklahoma's weather reporters, I've gotten an education as to what to watch for, what to listen for and to have a plan prepared ahead of the disaster.

Joan Sorrels, Wayne


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