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The Archivist: Town names in Oklahoma have odd history

Mary Phillips: Chickiechockie eventually was shortened to Chockie in Oklahoma.
Mary Phillips Published: July 29, 2013

“Why, you ask, is the settlement on U.S. 69 known today merely as Chockie? That's an interesting subject, and it proves the fickleness of fact, because Chickie won more person prominence than Chockie. Chickie, in fact, became the wife of Lee Cruce, Oklahoma's second governor, but her name was removed from the depot after her death in the early 1900s and Chockie prevailed.”

Capt. Charles Leflore, born into a prominent Choctaw family, was a deputy U.S. Marshal and captain of the U.S. Indian Police.

His wife, Angelina Guy, was born into an equally distinguished Chickasaw family and gave birth to twin daughters on July 4, 1871.

Their names were Laurina Choctaw LeFlore and Serena Chickasaw LeFlore.

The name of the town was changed to Chockie Feb. 8, 1904, at the request of Lee Cruce.

Chockie LeFlore married Charles Maupin and lived in San Antonio, Texas. She died in 1962.

Chockie, OK, is still listed on the state map on U.S. 69 north of Atoka.

Reba McEntire was raised on a ranch at Chockie.

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