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The Carnival of Cleavage: A different kind of carnival in Oklahoma

By Heather Warlick-Moore Modified: June 26, 2010 at 9:03 am •  Published: June 23, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting “Carnival of Cleavage,” Oklahoma’s only all-female troupe of side show performers starring the force that defeated duct tape, The Amazing Boobzilla; the sadistic minx Darkkitty; and the electrifying Hexi Lee Voodoo in a performance you’re not likely to soon forget. These ladies will dazzle you with death-defying stunts, scintillating burlesque and eye-popping illusions all delivered with a touch of class and a heaping helping of humor.

If you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, this act could be just your cup of tea. “The Amazing Boobzilla” formed the group with “Darkkitty” to revive classic sideshow acts traditionally only performed by men.

"You can call it feminism if you like, but it's really much more than that. Our show is for all those girls who were made fun of for being smart, chubby, geeky or weird by the status quo,” Boobzilla said.

At a “Carnival of Cleavage” gig, you’ll find Boobzilla breathing fire, sandwiched in a bed of nails with up to 500 pounds on top, eating and walking on broken glass (not all at once). She flosses her brain, hammers nails into her head, clamps her hand in an animal trap, belly dances and encourages people to staple tips to her body using a commercial grade staple gun.

Is she crazy?

“Yes, probably” she said. “I just do these things because I can. And to bend the whole gender role thing that only men should be allowed to do certain things.”

Well, there’s one act Boobzilla does with the carnival that only a seriously unusual man could pull off and this act is Boobzilla’s Pièce de résistance.

In her “boob lifting” act, “Boobzilla” lifts encyclopedias, bookcases, even chairs and tiny people, all using only her extremely large breasts.

“When you’re a carnie and in the side show industry you have to have a sense of humor,” she said. “You’re bound to get made fun of for something. You know, life is too short to be taken seriously on too many levels.”

I’m sure you’re wondering: How does a seemingly normal woman learn to floss her brain and pull small people from her cleavage?

Well, for Boobzilla, the side show seed was planted when she was but a mere 6-year-old, living in Vero Beach, Fla. Back then, she was called by her given name, Sandra.

Little Sandra and her nanny spent much of their time visiting with the old folks at a local nursing home. It just so happened that many of those folks were retired carnies (formerly carnival performers for those unfamiliar with carnival lingo).

“If anything, my first skill was the ability to tell a story. That came from Mr. Bluen. He used be an old carnival talker,” Boobzilla said. As a carnival talker, Bluen lured people to pay a dime to see the “grinder act” — a carnival show where ten outrageous side show performers did snippets of their acts inside a tent.

Mr. Bluen told Sandra about the Asian fan dancers, snake charmers, fire eaters and “cooch dancers” (later called hoochie coochie dancers).

“Unfortunately, some of the cooch dancers doubled as prostitutes, but there’s always criminal activity in every job, you know?” Boobzilla said.

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