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The Collected Wisdom of Frank Broyles

Interviewed by George Schroeder Published: May 21, 2006

/> Arkansas fans miss the rivalry with Texas. As people have talked to me, 'Remember this game in the Southwest Conference?' It's always Texas. No one ever said 'Remember that Rice game, remember that Baylor game or that SMU game?' Every game that anybody's ever mentioned to me in the last 15 years, it's always been Texas.

Everybody that plays Texas has a rivalry with 'em. Darrell Royal used to say to me, 'We've got eight schools that hate us, eight groups of fans that hate us.' But that's an enviable position to be in, to be that good and that powerful.

It's been hard to establish a rivalry in the Southeastern Conference. You can't establish a rivalry overnight. They've got their own rivalries when you come in, and you're kind of an outsider looking in. But they have enough success with their football teams that our fans are excited. It's not like playing Texas. It's not. But it's still tough.

My wife came down with Alzheimer's, and my family and I were the caregivers. We kept her at home the five years she had the disease. And I'm trying to help caregivers. We've written a book, "Coach Broyles' Playbook for Alzheimer's Caregivers: A Practical Tips Guide." It's free, and it helps you in the early, middle and late stages. That's something I wanted to do to honor my wife. And I'm working hard to try to find enough money for research to find a cure.

A passion is an intense emotion that compels action. Well, when you go through it as a caregiver, you have a passion to help others, you have a passion to find a cure, and so that compels action.

I'll be 82 in December. but I don't have retirement plans. There's a book out by Dr. Paul Nussbaum in Pittsburgh, "Brain Health and Wellness." He said the retirement age ought to be 92. And so that's what I'm saying -- 92. That's when we ought to have retirement age, or you ought to consider it at that time. has disabled the comments for this article.