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The Great Divider at work

Oklahoman Published: June 28, 2014

If I were intent on “fundamentally transforming our nation,” what would I do? I would pit one race against another. I would put those who don’t have against those who do. I would foster envy and promise to fix whatever ills are perceived to be the cause. I would take from those who have and give to those who don’t. I would create chaos and cynicism by disregarding the laws that I took an oath to enforce and by ignoring the Constitution that I swore to uphold.

I would demonize those with whom I disagree (rather than engage in a dialogue of ideas). I would deny responsibility for the adverse consequences of events I caused and/or lie about what I did or did not do and why I did it or didn't do it. I would foster a sycophant press so that they would ignore real stories and pander to the puerile interests of the uninformed.

I would collapse the health care system and educational institutions, bankrupt the nation and encourage illegal entry into the country, to the disadvantage of those seeking legal entry, the burdened middle class and those seeking entry-level jobs.

In short, I would do what Barack Obama is doing. God help us!

Peter VanDyke, Norman