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Oklahoman Published: November 2, 2006

/> 5. 1980 Phillies: Finished 91-71. Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton and a bunch of guys.

4. 1985 Royals: Finished 91-71 and won both playoff series in the maximum seven games. Series MVP was umpire Don Denkinger.

3. 2000 Yankees: Finished 87-74. Like Oakland, last of three straight title teams lost oomph. Previous two had won 114 and 98 games. Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte only two starting pitchers with winning records.

2. 1987 Twins: Finished 85-77. Not much of a team. Five of the nine regulars had on-base percentages below .313; starting pitchers Les Straker, Mike Smithson and Joe Niekro combined to go 16-25.

1. 2006 Cardinals: Finished 83-78. Not much of a lineup besides Albert Pujols. Not much of a pitching staff besides Chris Carpenter. has disabled the comments for this article.