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The Michael Phelps Scandal

By Hot Ink Staff Modified: May 8, 2009 at 2:46 pm •  Published: May 8, 2009
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- Anna Geary, a home school students

Should his medals be taken away?
"No, because he did all the hard work, and because of this they shouldn't take them away." -- Kevin Parker, Putnam City North sophomore

"A medal should only be stripped if the act defiles the country of the athlete or the integrity of the Olympic Games. Phelps' actions defile only his own reputation. There is nothing near the maliciousness required to strip a medal." -- Aaron Ogborn, Classen School for Advanced Studies senior only "No. Does it matter that he was smoking pot? It's not like it was performance enhancing." -- Hank Kennamer, Classen School of Advanced Studies senior only Should he have been prosecuted?
"There are much harsher crimes going on right now than some guy smoking pot. They shouldn't waste their time on that just because media will eat it up." -- Katie Hogsett, Bishop McGuiness freshman

"Absolutely. There should be no favoritism. If others were prosecuted, he needs to be, too." -- Rebecca Hobbes

"He shouldn't be prosecuted because what he did wasn't the biggest deal in the world. There are so many other 'role models' who have done worse things and haven't been prosecuted." -- Jonathan Kililian, Piedmont High School senior

"If the law states it, yes. Then again, many people smoke weed and aren't prosecuted. If he sold drugs, it might be different." -- Lena Khader, U.S. Grant High School senior