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The most racist, political federal agency in U.S. history

Oklahoman Published: August 24, 2014

The current U.S. Department of Justice is the most racist and political federal agency in the history of this country. It started its tenure by refusing to prosecute the New Black Panther thugs who intimidated voters in Pennsylvania in the previous national election, although the case had been readied for court by the previous Department of Justice. Since then, Justice has failed to fully and effectively investigate anything that would reflect poorly on this administration: the Fast and Furious gun running fiasco, the IRS targeting of conservatives, the NSA eavesdropping scandal, etc.

Yet on two occasions the department has interfered in what should have been local issues: the Trayvon Martin shooting and now the Michael Brown shooting. It appears that the only way to get Eric Holder and company to act is to have a black victim. The rest of us can’t expect justice from them.

Susan Dixon, Oklahoma City

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