The Oklahoman Archivist: Kitty in the well

This story by Leon Hatfield, veteran reporter and rewrite man, appeared on Page 1 of The Oklahoman on Dec. 16, 1937.
BY Mary Phillips Published: June 18, 2012

Often in these pages, a reader-submitted story will appear about a beloved cat or dog.

This story by Leon Hatfield, veteran reporter and rewrite man, appeared on Page One of The Oklahoman on Dec. 16, 1937.

I hope it gives a chuckle to those who have been owned by cats and to those familiar with their ways:

Ding Dong Bell

Pussy's in the well.

Who got her in?

Little Johnny Green.

Who took her out?

Little Johnnie Stout.

— Nursery Rhyme

A bob-tailed black cat Wednesday rewrote the old nursery rhyme. The cat didn't have much time to polish up the rewrite but it went about like this:

Ding Dong Fire Bell

Where's the cat that's raising hell?

Way down in the dark old well.

Who fetched her up so she could chew us?

Nobody we swear, but Arkansas Lewis.

Black cats are bad luck. They are bad luck even to black cats. Bill Blagg, deputy sheriff, has always known black cats are bad luck, but he thought when he found a bob-tailed black cat it would trim the danger some.

He took the cat to George Angerman, superintendent of the courthouse. He told Angerman it was a nice cat, a good mouser and true lover of home and fireside. Angerman gave the cat some milk and turned his head. When he looked again the milk and cat were gone.

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