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The Oklahoman's best photo of retiring Oklahoma City Superintendent Karl Springer

Carrie Coppernoll Published: July 2, 2013

Oklahoma City Superintendent Karl Springer has been steering the ship for the past five years. Monday night, he announced he would retire Aug. 30. Flipping through The Oklahoman‘s archives, there are plenty of pictures of Springer: touring construction sites, sitting in board meetings, speaking at podiums. But this one is probably my favorite.

Last year, Springer made a bet with the superintendent down in Miami: the superintendent of the city that lost the NBA Finals had to teach a lesson about the history of the winner’s state. As we know, the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in the series last year, leaving Springer on the losing end of the best. He made good on his promise last September and taught a class of kindergarteners about Florida history.

Here’s a photo that Oklahoman photographer Sarah Phipps snapped. Springer is talking to student Nathaniel Hamilton, who might be the sweetest-looking kid ever.