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The one movie Hillary Clinton should see Published: February 13, 2014

A new documentary about Geraldine Ferraro is so stirring that it should be adopted by fans of Hillary Clinton as their go-to motivational movie. If she runs for president, Clinton will certainly need a message beyond “Elect me, I’m a woman.” But as the film shows, history is powerful. Framing her candidacy as part of a continuing journey toward equality for women could help Clinton neutralize potential negatives like her age, establishment ties, and also-ran status, according to The Daily Beast.

Clinton is a key figure in "Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way," which chronicles Ferraro’s life and pioneering role as the Democratic nominee for vice president in 1984. She’s the one who articulates the sense of “unfinished business” that suffuses the film and is much on Ferraro’s mind toward the end of her life.

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