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The Pro and Cons of IKEA Furniture

Published on NewsOK Published: October 31, 2012

Locally Sourced vs. Imported Wood

There is some economy of scale here.  IKEA is the third largest “consumer” of wood globally, and since the bulk of their furniture is particle board based at lot of this is waste wood. One of their marketing strategies is to be perceived as a “green” company with lots of practices that show responsible harvesting, and labor practices for manufacturing workers etc.  Their own “Iway” code of conduct document is an 18 page document that details what practices are “allowed”.  When I reviewed this document I noticed many references to “local” regulations.  Since the bulk of their manufacturing is located in overseas facilities…

There is also a lot of controversy over their logging operations. This is one area where I have a distinct advantage with most of my furniture.  Not only do I source locally, which greatly reduces my products carbon footprint.  I’m on a first name basis with my sawyer and know exactly where my lumber was harvested.

What is your read on IKEA? Let's dicuss.

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