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Published: July 19, 2008

went out and interacted. He was out and enjoying it.

JC: I know you're big into technology. Haven't you even called yourself a computer nerd?

CO: Uh, huh. I'm on the computer all the time. I've got a PDA and cell phone, so I can be in touch with e-mail and everything all the time. That's me.

JC: Is that a release or a necessity?

CO: It's more that my family is that way. People laugh, but my family communicates on AOL instant messenger. If I need something, a lot of times I can sign on and I know my mom and dad are online.

JC: Did your parents ever have that moment where they passed out from the cell phone bill?

CO: No, I was paying my own phone bill by the time I was a text-a-holic.

JC: You have two younger brothers. What do they make of you?

CO: They're both extremely supportive and extremely proud. The youngest one, he grasps it a little better now. When he was really little ... someone was talking about what they were doing and said they saw someone famous and my brother's like, "Oh, yeah, well, my sister's famous.” I'm like, "You don't say things like that, buddy.” He didn't know any better. He just knew that I played on TV and we go to games and people ask for autographs. The older of the two told me his girlfriend is scared of me. She's intimidated of me, and I don't know why because I've always been nice to her.

JC: Do you get to be the big sister and go to their events?

CO: I haven't got to do it as much as I'd like. The younger one, I've been to some of his baseball games. The older of the two, I went to some of his swim meets. Hopefully, I'm hoping this next fall I can get out to some of his swim meets before he's done.

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