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Interviewed by Matt Patterson, Staff Writer Published: October 11, 2009
at’s your take on its season so far?

It’s a bit sad because the guys on the team ragged on me when they lost to BYU. They’re not a powerhouse team right now. They’re not trying to lose games. They’ve just had a lot of things work against them.

You’ve been in the league for five years. Did you expect you would be around that long when you were drafted?

I try to tell guys coming in, never try to guess how many years you’re going to play. You can’t say I’m playing 11 years and then I’m done. I’ve experienced some adversity with injuries early in my career, and that’s one of the things that can get you. But you have to look at it like every down could be your last. If you’re someone that can stay, then that’s phenomenal, but there are a lot of guys who come in and don’t last very long. I’ve been fortunate.

What’s the best part of being an NFL player?

The impact I can have on young kids. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money coming from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, so I can relate to people. I like talking about how I went about my business, and that’s a way to influence young cats to strive for perfection.

Who was a player you admired when you were growing up?

My favorite player was always my dad, Danny Bradley. Being that he was a quarterback and could handle a lot of adversity. He was a team captain and he lived up to the position.