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The Right Way to do Wine

By Christopher Adamson Published: January 21, 2010
Wine with dinner – where to begin? There seems to be an infinite number of wine choices and pairings out there, and almost as many ways to ruin either your guests’ meal or your budget with the wrong selection. Enter Gary Vaynerchuk, a video-blogging wine guru ( He’s here to make sure the wines at your wedding not only satisfy your budget but also deliciously reflect your personality, as well.

Get Personal
His first suggestion is to make friends with the person who sells and stocks the wine when you’re shopping. “The best strategy is to form a relationship with your wine retailer and try new things,” he says. “As they learn your palate and what you like, they’ll be able to suggest new and interesting wines that you may never have heard of and would never have tried on your own.”

Pairing Versatility
As for finding the perfect wine pairing with your reception entrées, the general rule is to match flavor intensity – a lighter menu with a lighter wine, a richer menu with a richer wine. For the best for your budget, however, Vaynerchuk recommends going with a versatile wine, like some from the Dao, Douro and Alentejo regions of Portugal. That way, guests can have a meal choice and you don’t have to worry about buying a large variety of wines.

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