The Sports Q&A with OU women's basketball player Nyeshia Stevenson

By Jenni Carlson Published: February 28, 2009
Jenni Carlson: Bedlam will be your second game as a starter. What do you prefer — starter or super sub?

Nyeshia Stevenson: Because I’m so used to subbing, I have a feel for that the most, but I wouldn’t mind either. (The Texas A&M) game, it was so sudden with Whitney (Hand) getting hurt. We weren’t used to me being out there.

JC: Were you used to being out there?

NS: It took me a little while to get adjusted. Normally, I know I’m not going to get in until maybe the 16-minute mark. I’m out there and the clock says 18 minutes, and I’m like, "Oh, gosh, this is weird.” But I shook it off.

JC: I have to ask you about your major — film studies. Does that mean you walk around with a camera, filming everything?

NS: (Laughs.) Honestly, I want to be a film writer. I would even play a part. I would be either the director or the writer or starring.

JC: But didn’t you run a camera for the coach’s show or something?

NS: That moment was when I decided I wanted to do this. I’d never taken any of the classes. I didn’t even know we had film studies here. (Laughs.) I told one of the guys on the crew ... "This is what I want to do. How can I do this?”

JC: So, you could be the one shouting "action” at some point?

NS: It could be. You’ll see the credits and it will say directed by or written by or starring. (Laughs.)

JC: I have to ask about some of your favorite movies.

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