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The Thunder checks out — players share their impressions of the team and Oklahoma City

By Mike Baldwin Modified: April 20, 2009 at 3:37 pm •  Published: April 20, 2009

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "I have to get used to the wind but other than that I really liked it. If you don't need to have a shovel (for snow) I'm excited."

Jeff Green

Off-season home: Washington, D.C.

NBA players you will work out with? Kevin Durant, Wizards players.

Individual off-season goals: "Everything. Get better all around. Being consistent. Dribbling. Last year shooting was No. 1 and probably is again. But this time it will be more of an all-around thing."

Thunder's first season: "We started off the season 3-and what? 29? We came together. We didn't quit on each other. We kept working hard. We had our spirits up high each game. Every game we came in thinking we could win. That's how we overcame that 3-29 and got better as the season went along. With the additions we'll get this summer I think next year will be a pretty good year."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "It's very relaxing. The people are lovely. It wasn't just the fans. My neighbors are amazing. It's quiet. There's not too much going on. I like to stay at home and relax. This was a great city to do that. That helped me a lot with my rest."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "I have no dislikes. I'm not a city guy, a club hopper. I like to stay home and relax... As for the weather, it snows a lot and is cold in D.C. The weather is a lot better here than D.C. Sometimes you get upset when it's 81 one day and 40 the next but you get used to it."

Kyle Weaver

Off-season home: Beloit, Wis.

NBA players you will work out with? None. College, overseas players.

Individual off-season goals: "I need to work on my physical strength. I'll be in the weight room a lot and change my body."

Thunder's first season: "I don't know if I could put my finger on one thing. We were climbing our way up. We had a rocky start. We lost a coach. Then we started to get a feel how to win games. A big win the last game hopefully sets the tone for the summer."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "It reminds me of home. It's calm, not really crazy. It's real laid back, a community feel. That's what I'm used to. I'm not used to bad traffic and big city lights. It wasn't hard for me to adjust."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "The weather was pretty crazy. I'm used to the snow. It was good with a lot less snow but the wind made up for it. It gets really windy here."

Russell Westbrook

Off-season home: Los Angeles

NBA players you will work out with? 20 to 30 players at UCLA.

Individual off-season goals: "Just try and get better overall, get ready for next year."

Thunder's first season: "How much fun we had as a team, how much we got along, the growth of the team. We had some trades and lost some games early but everyone stuck together."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "The people, the fans, were the best thing. It's slow compared to LA. There life is a lot faster. The traffic is a lot better here. In LA, good luck. "

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "The weird thing is how the weather switches. LA isn't really like that. Here you never know what may happen. It may be hot one day, the next day it may be raining or cold. I like the weather in LA."

Shaun Livingston

Off-season home: Chicago

NBA players you will work out with? Dwyane Wade. Michael Finley. Other players.

Individual off-season goals: "Explosion and strength and reaction time. Explosion will help my defense. That's the biggest thing. I'm going to work really hard on my knee to try and get that explosion back."

Thunder's first season: "Really enjoyed it. The first time to play in this building, really the first time to play that many minutes since my injury, meant a lot to me."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "The people in general. How can you not talk about the fans. People are so genuine. It's different for me because LA and Miami, where I played before, everything is so fast. They're big cities. There's more media. Here it's a nice change of pace."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "Not as fast as pace works both ways. It helps you focus on your job but there's not much to do on nights you're bored."

D.J. White

Off-season home: Tuscaloosa, Ala.

NBA players you will work out with? Unknown.

Individual off-season goals: "I need to get back to my normal weight, 235 or 240 (pounds). I'm about 222 right now. And improve on my overall game. I think I showed I can score inside and outside. Basically just get better all around."

Thunder's first season: "The best memory for me was I got to play seven games at the end after missing 70-something games. It was a lot of fun to finally play in the NBA."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "I really like the people. Nice people. It's a quiet place, laid back, kind of where I'm from. I'm not from a big city. I really don't like big cities."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "The weather. You step outside one day it's 70, the next day it's snowing. That's really the only thing I didn't like."

Thabo Sefolosha

Off-season home: Switzerland

NBA players you will work out with? No one. National team.

Individual off-season goals: "I'll be in Europe most of the summer. After the draft I'll come back to be with some of the guys. I'll also play with our national team... (Individually) my goal is to improve my offensive game, shooting the ball. Definitely a lot of shooting. It's no secret a lot of repetition makes it better. A lot of hours in the gym."

Thunder's first season: "We have so many young guys, a very talented group of guys. If we keep working, keep getting better, it can be a lot different next year. I think it can be a pretty good season when we get back to work for next year."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "I feel comfortable here. I like the city. I'll tell (friends) it's a good city and instead of Chicago they have to come to Oklahoma. Everything is within walking distance downtown. That helps with family, going to restaurants. And the weather is much better than Chicago."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "Nothing really. I'm pretty happy with the traffic here. A lot different than Chicago."

Robert Swift

Off-season home: Bakersfield, Calif.

NBA players you will work out with? Spencer Hawes. Random guys from Washington, California.

Individual off-season goals: "Just play. I'll play a lot of pick up ball in Seattle and Sacramento. My parents live in Seattle. I'll be going back and forth."

Thunder's first season: "There is no other team in the NBA that has fans like we do. It was fun to play here every night. You want all the games to be at home. From the McDonald's game I played here, there's always been great support. The Hornets and then this season. They're great fans."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "It reminds me of home. This is a little bigger but I really liked it here. Liked it a lot. I can wear my (cowboy) boots and fit right in."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "There was nothing I really didn't like. The winds pick up here a little more than anyplace I've ever lived. But in Seattle it rained all the time."

Nenad Krstic

Off-season home: Serbia

NBA players you will work out with? None. Play on the national team.

Individual off-season goals: "My conditioning was not so good when I came here. I will work hard on that this summer."

Thunder's first season: "Coming back from Russia, and getting back in the NBA, it felt great to be part of a great league again. This is a new organization that was really nice to me. It was good to start winning some games. Hopefully next year is going to be that much better."

Liked about Oklahoma City: "The best thing is no traffic at all. When I wake up in the morning it's only five minutes to practice. It's easy to come back home, too."

Disliked about Oklahoma City: "Restaurants close at 10 (p.m.). People in Serbia we'll eat dinner at 11 or midnight. That's pretty much normal. After a game here there are not a lot of restaurants that are open."