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'The Walking Dead' fun hour: Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

by Richard Hall Modified: October 11, 2013 at 1:20 pm •  Published: October 11, 2013

Television, comic book and zombie fans rejoice! “The Walking Dead” returns in just a few days with a brand new season, and some of us can hardly wait to see what Rick, Carl, Daryl (go ahead and swoon ladies), Michonne and the rest of the survivors are up to.

To whet your appetite, here’s a trailer for season four of “The Walking Dead.”

Man. It looks awesome, yeah?

But speaking of zombies: How do you think you’d fare if the zombie apocalypse actually happened? Think your chances of survival are great, fair or slim-to-none?

As if my coworkers needed any more fun in their lives, I decided to email a large number of them a link to a zombie survival quiz. I asked them to take the quiz, send me their scores and also let me know what they thought of their score. Some even went as far as to tell me their plans if a zombie outbreak did occur.

Want to participate in the fun? Take the same quiz, and post your results, reactions and thoughts in the comments below!

Here are my coworkers’ results, from the least likely to survive to the most likely to survive.


Who: Melissa Hayer
Position: News Research Assistant Editor
Chance of survival: 45 percent
What she thinks about her score: I’m not going to survive long if there’s a zombie apocalypse – apparently I haven’t learned anything from watching three seasons of “The Walking Dead!” This was a fun quiz to take, though, and I’m going to start shopping for a crossbow and machete ASAP.


Who: Jeanelle Echols
Position: Interactive Designer
Chance of survival: 58 percent
What she thinks about her score: The results sound about right.
Her plan: I tend to be very non-confrontational, so I’d rather throw a grenade at [the zombies], hoping it lands in the right place and sneak out, instead of attacking head on.


Who: LeighAnne Manwarren
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 59.7 percent
Her plan: I would just shoot myself in the head so I won’t become a zombie or zombie food.



Who: Jay Marks
Position: Energy Reporter
Chance of survival: 61.2 percent
His plan: The quiz was difficult enough. If there really was a zombie attack, I’d probably down a bottle of sleeping pills.



Who: Matt Patterson
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 62 percent
What he thinks about his score: I think this is about right for me. There are some scenarios in the quiz that it’s easy to say one thing on a survey but perhaps a little harder to do in reality.
His plan: Take the back roads and get away from populated areas and get into the woods as soon as possible with camping gear and enough food for at least four to five days.


Who: Paige Dillard
Position: Video Content Manager and Producer
Chance of survival: 64.8 percent
What she thinks about her score: I did better than I thought I would. I’m a non-confrontational person, but I hate to be cornered.



Who: Tiffany Gibson
Position: Web Editor
Chance of survival: 66.5 percent
What she thinks about her score: I’m non-confrontational, so I would probably try to reason with people instead of fighting with or killing them. But when it comes to zombies, I’ll fight if I have to.


Who: Linda Lynn
Position: News Research Editor
Chance of survival: 69.2 percent
What she thinks about her score: I was actually pleased that I even had a chance at survival. I think I might be a little wimpish, while still a little resourceful, if zombies attack. I won’t lose sleep about this.


Who: Silas Allen
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 69.3 percent
What he thinks about his score: That’s actually better than I thought I would do.
His plan: I can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to zombie survival.


Who: Grayson Cook
Position: Video Editor
Chance of survival: 70 percent
What he thinks about his score: I was surprised [my score] was that high.


Who: Don Mecoy
Position: Business Editor
Chance of survival: 70.3 percent
What he thinks about his score: I lied quite a bit. How do I know that this [quiz] isn’t run by zombies?



Who: James Duncan
Position: Lead Developer
Chance of survival: 71.1 percent
What he thinks about his score: I was surprised I scored as high as I did. I was pretty sure that when I opted to help others it would do me in for sure.



Who: Greg Singleton
Position: Technical Project Manager
Chance of survival: 72 percent
What he thinks about his score: Pretty good odds I’d say.



Who: Brianna Bailey
Position: Business Reporter
Chance of survival: 72.5 percent
What she thinks about her score: I think that’s a pretty fair score. The quiz should have been timed and the time taken into account in your score. I would think the ability to think on your feet and make good decisions would be key in surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Her plan: I would lead a group of survivors to the nearest Super Walmart. We would barricade the doors and have enough food, weapons and ammo to hold up for at least a week or two.


Who: Richard Hall
Position: Newsroom Developer
Chance of survival: 72.6 percent
What he thinks about his score: The quiz was definitely kinder to me than it needed to be. I’ll take the score.
His plan: Pfff. Like I’m going to tell you.


Who: Paul Monies
Position: Energy Reporter
Chance of survival: 74.2 percent
What he thinks about his score: As long as the zombies don’t like Scotch, I’ll be just fine in the apocalypse.



Who: Jaclyn Cosgrove
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 74.4 percent
What she thinks about her score: I grew up on a farm and around a lot of guns, so my score doesn’t surprise me.
Her plan: In case of a zombie apocalypse, I would gather as much medicine and water as possible. Food is secondary to dehydration and sickness.


Who: Kyle Gandy
Position: Designer and Developer
Chance of survival: 74.7 percent
What he thinks about his score: I’m too nice and would try to help people out of sticky situations.
His plan: I equate the zombie apocalypse to that of a huge disaster. I know where I’m going and what I’m grabbing on the way out the door, and so does my wife.


Who: Sarah Hussain
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 75.8 percent
What she thinks about her score: It says my chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse are better than average, but I can’t get too cocky because the undead never sleep.
Her plan: [My boyfriend] and my former roommates’ boyfriends watched “The Walking Dead” with us last season and they were always scheming about what they would do if it happened. [My boyfriend's] plan was always to get super jacked (by working out a lot) so he could kill them with his fists. Ha!


Who: Bryan Dean
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 76.1 percent
His plan: I have a multi-stage plan that progressively moves to more defensible shelter positions, draws in more skilled survivors and increases use of even more robust supply and weapon chains. Leather jackets and clothing provide solid bite protection, especially early on. An early choice for group survival is local prisons. They are generally rural and heavily fortified. All bases of operation must have an emergency escape route. Inclusion in the survival group is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to those with special skills (mechanical, medical, hunting, weapon proficiency, etc.) and to those who are willing to take orders and get along with the group. As the situation stabilizes and the base is properly fortified, raids will be conducted to gather supplies. Raid teams will have consistent staffing and safety will always be the first concern. I could go on, but I don’t want to get too specific.


Who: Jonathan Sutton
Position: News Reporter
Chance of survival: 78.6 percent
What he thinks about his score: I guess my odds are pretty good.
His plan: My plan is something I discussed pretty extensively with my friends after reading the “Zombie Survival Guide.” If there were to be an outbreak, my first trip would be down to Ada, my hometown, to meet up with friends who have ample supplies of guns and ammunition. We would also bring supplies to make hand-to-hand combat weapons like axes, bats, machetes, etc., and raid some grocery stores for canned and dry goods. Once we group, we would head out to a friend’s property (not saying where), which has two cabins and a natural spring for fresh water. It only has one road in and out, so it would be easy to protect from human invaders. The cabins sit on top of a hill, so it is relatively good for defending against zombies. The ability to access fresh water is essential, so we already have that covered. We will begin planting crops in a nearby field to ensure we have food once our supplies run low. Hopefully that stronghold will keep us for long enough, but nothing is for sure. If we hit any snags, at least we will be far enough from any large cities to be in immediate danger of large swarms of zombies.


Who: Clint Robison
Position: Programmer and Developer
Chance of survival: 79.2 percent
What he thinks about his score: Thinking about a zombie apocalypse is good mental preparation for anarchy. I mean, over the years the zombie has changed; they’ve gotten faster and smarter. The zombie subculture is interesting to me because it’s an extreme manifestation of reality. There really are monsters out there. Without the restraint of enforcement or fear of repercussions, those monsters will take whatever they want and kill you for the thrill.


Who: Robb Hibbard
Position: Online Editor
Chance of survival: 79.8 percent
His plan: If I have a gun, know how many bullets I have. If I have an axe, swing like a madman. Also know when to haul butt and hope for good hiding places.



You can tell who the most-likely survivors will be because they gave me mini-essays on their plans, heh.

How did you score in the quiz? Do you agree with that score? Do you have any plans, you know, in case it happens? Share your thoughts below!

by Richard Hall
Digital Media Specialist
Richard Hall is an award-winning newsroom developer, editor and blogger for NewsOK. He was born in Austin, Texas, spent his childhood in southern California and has lived in Norman since 1999. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008.
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