The wealthy didn't accumulate wealth at your expense

Published: September 12, 2012

After reading “DNC protesters continue to march after standoff” (Associated Press, Sept. 5) it's clear once again that we should “reject false premises.”

The mindset that progressives promote to the American people is the idea that if someone else wins or is successful, you lose. Class warfare is based on the false premise that the wealthy in our nation accumulated their wealth at your expense. This mindset is known as a scarcity mentality.

Many Americans haven't had the religious or business training to differentiate this false premise from the true premise of an abundance mentality, which is believing that there are enough resources and success to share with others. Individuals with an abundance mentality are able to celebrate (and are motivated by) the success of others rather than feeling threatened by it.

Progressives tout the idea that the wealthy take too big of a piece of the pie, leaving too little for the rest of us. In reality, we can bake as many pies as we want. We aren't limited to sharing pieces of one pie.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is based on the false mindset of a scarcity mentality. Socialism and communism are based on class envy and a scarcity mentality. Our Founding Fathers were inspired to create a Constitution that provides everyone equal opportunity for success without regard to the success or failure of others. This is an abundance mentality mindset.

Let's identify and then reject concepts that are based on a scarcity mentality.

Scott K. Brush, Oklahoma City

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