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Thomas students didn't face criminal charges

Published: September 15, 2012

Regarding “Thomas students suspended in dispute” (News, Sept. 5): I'm a Thomas High School graduate. I still have family and grandchildren in the school system. It's a big concern that the administration didn't feel the need to contact the police or to press charges because the boys hadn't been in any previous trouble. It's scary to imagine what could have happened. This is a serious incident that needs to be addressed with more concern and judgment; otherwise it sends the message to others that this type of behavior is OK.

The boys with guns were able to transfer to a neighboring school system with no problem. I hope that school doesn't allow guns on its campus. Several years ago in Thomas, a woman and her unborn child were murdered by two brothers with guns; another incident involved two more brothers and guns who shot a young man and almost shot my son.

Why should kids be allowed to have guns in small towns or anywhere else?

Lori Rice Penner, Oklahoma City

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