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Three questions: OSU's Brandon Pettigrew

Modified: September 23, 2007 at 1:09 am •  Published: September 23, 2007
Q: What's it like to play in a shootout like this?

A: It feels good. You just got to be ready. When it's your time to get out there and play you've just got to play. It's big. That's what everybody wants to see. They want to see a tight game.

Q: What were your emotions like throughout the game, having not caught a pass until the game-winner?

A: They weren't getting it to me, but my other teammates were making plays. We were driving the ball and scoring like our offense should. I'm not a greedy player. I'm not selfish. We came together as an offense today. If I would have had zero catches, that's fine. We came out with a ‘W.'

Q: How big is Dantrell Savage's return for the offense?

A: Dantrell is something else. I'm glad to be on the same side as him. He's an amazing player. He squeezes through the littlest holes. Our line played great today, but Dantrell, he's a superstar.

By Darnell Mayberry