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Three ways to uplift your home for fall

Inject new life into your home this fall with simple tips from design experts.
by Heather Warlick Published: October 8, 2012

Feed your home's chi

Sunita Sitara, an Oklahoma City Feng Shui consultant, says a few changes in your home can change its whole energy and even make its inhabitants healthier and happier.

“Universal energy enters from your front door,” she said. So, to attract positive energy into your home, make sure your front porch and inside entry way are inviting, well-kept and clean.

“I sweep my front entrance every day,” Sitara said. “Anytime you have thorns or things like that, that will interfere with the chi coming through the front door.”

Color is an important energy in your home, Sitara said. Using colors that encourage your home's chi can help you in other areas of your life.

Sitara recommends choosing a dark wall color such as espresso brown or even black for your inside entryway to draw in positive energy.

To improve your social status and reputation, paint a wall in the rear quadrant of your home a bold red. To improve your love life, use soft greens, blues and lilacs in your bedroom. For a soothing and comforting living room, earth tones such as browns, yellows and greens are stabilizing shades.

Another way to up your home's feng shui quotient is to purge it of clutter.

“Any time that you feel like you're stuck in any aspect of your life get rid of 27 things,”

Why 27 things? Sitara uses numerology in tandem with feng shui in her practice. The numbers 2 and 7 add up to 9, she explains. Nine is a “completion number” with very strong energy.

“It's kind of like endings and beginnings at the same time,” she said. “Like you're ending one phase of your life and beginning another.”

These 27 things can be anything you no longer need: mail, broken things or clothing you haven't worn in the last year.

“Get rid of things you don't love,” Sitara said. “Anything that makes you sad has to go.”

Watch your karma when disposing of these 27 items. Recycle and donate what you can.

“Whenever you give something away, when you pass them on to someone else, you will get silent blessings for that,” Sitara said.

by Heather Warlick
Life & Style Editor
Since graduating from University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Staff Writer Heather Warlick has written stories for The Oklahoman's Life section. Her beats have included science, health, home and garden, family,...
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