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Throwing money at DHS isn't the answer

Published: May 20, 2012

Regarding “At DHS, culture change needed more than money” (Our Views, May 8): A few years ago I attempted to reach a social worker, only to find out the worker didn't have voice mail. It's my understanding now if case workers contact you, you may only contact them once in 24 hours. It could take days to touch base with a case worker.

Burnout was high with case workers back in the 1980s. I found this out from a case worker when I was a foster parent. Burnout has to be greater now. I told a legislator a few years ago that public officials should go into a DHS office and observe how the clients are treated. No wonder they're frustrated! Protecting children may seem the focus of DHS; that isn't always the case. Throwing money toward this agency isn't the answer; restructuring it should be.

Denise Nimmo, Oklahoma City