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Thunder chat: Darnell Mayberry talks trade scenarios, starting lineups and CJ Miles

Thunder writer Darnell Mayberry was on the Power Lunch chat Wednesday, talking Thunder offseason and potential additions to the roster. Here's the full transcript:
by Darnell Mayberry Modified: June 18, 2014 at 9:28 am •  Published: June 18, 2014
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Darnell Mayberry 11:18 a.m. I always say, I judge these guys (players and coaches) not on what they say but what they do. And Brooks did show a lot more trust in his guys this year. But, as you said, when push came to shove it was the KD show. Most coaches are going to ride with their stars. They'd be crazy not to in pivotal situations. But the regular season isn't that situation. And it was no real reason for Durant to be run into the ground as much as he was. I fully expect that to change next season as the Thunder keeps an eye toward the postseason.
Vanity Perkins 11:18 a.m. Why does Jim Traber hate me? He is an angry man.
Darnell Mayberry 11:19 a.m. I guess it makes for good radio. Or something.
Sam 11:19 a.m. Am I crazy or does Adreian Payne remind you a lot of Boris Diaw? If the Thunder got him in the draft I think it would be a big step in turning the bench into a strength like the spurs. Elfrid Payton would be a fine choice too. What do you think?
Darnell Mayberry 11:22 a.m. Like most fans, I didn't spend a lot of time watching Louisiana Lafayette this season. I can't speak as much to Payton. I like some of what I've seen on his video breakdowns. But I still can't decide if Payne is a good NBA player or just a college bully. We see those guys a lot in college, guys who are older, bigger and stronger and just dominate because they've reached the point where they can, not because they're just that talented necessarily. And Payne kind of reeks of that to me. I could be wrong.
Josh of Ish 11:22 a.m. I like Mike Miller, but would he not simply provide the next crutch for Brooks to rely on instead of the young guys on the bench that may have more to offer on both ends of the floor?
Darnell Mayberry 11:22 a.m. It's an excellent point, Josh. And the fact that nobody can be sure how much Brooks would rely on him is enough to give you concern.
Sam 11:23 a.m. Maybe im a bit biased but after this postseason I think Russ could be the best player in the NBA in a couple years. It looks like he's getting close to consistently being disruptive on both ends. Also there's no one else in the league besides maybe kobe and manu who has the same competitive fire. The greats have that like bird and mj too
Darnell Mayberry 11:23 a.m. I agree with the second part of your statement. But barring injury, LeBron, in my opinion, will have the next five years on lock.
Shawn 11:24 a.m. I don't disagree with you that the Thunder tend to go for specialists... But do they really hold it against a player that he is good at more than one thing? Having multiple skills is not a bad thing.
Darnell Mayberry 11:26 a.m. I mean, let's think about it. Who have they really gone after that is a jack of all trades, master of none? PJ3?...??? He might be the only one. And they took him largely because he dropped in their laps. Harden is sort of that mold offensively. But the Harden they drafted isn't the Harden we see now. And the team was at a different stage then. So, yes, I think they look more for guys who fit specific needs. But I don't think it's something that's held against prospects.
CJ 11:26 a.m. What's your take on starting Russ at the two and having Reggie or a another point guard like Ennis or Payton starting at the one. Is that a good lineup? Will it work?
Darnell Mayberry 11:26 a.m. Not happening. Will it work? Maybe. But I highly doubt we'll ever know.
Mike 11:26 a.m. If you were in the 12 spot in the draft through trades and Nik Stauskas is there along with Gary Harris. Who would you go after to start at the 2 on this squad?
Darnell Mayberry 11:28 a.m. I said this on our podcast yesterday. I wouldn't take Stauskas or McDermott with a lottery pick. They're one-dimensional players at the next level in my eyes. I'd sign a shooter on the cheap in free agency, not take one with a lottery pick. So if my choice is between Stauskas and Harris, I'm taking Harris. But Go Blue.
Dan 11:28 a.m. This isn't about the thunder, but throughout the season players flopped and the tv guys would say there was a foul but he flopped too, would you like to see the nba punish the flopper and not call the foul?
Darnell Mayberry 11:28 a.m. We saw the league crack down more on that this year. Obviously, there's more work to be done.
KDTrey5 11:29 a.m. I Think Iman Shumpert would be that piece to put us over the top. Him and Russ in the backcourt would be a deadly combo of athleticism. And Keep Reggie coming off the bench with lamb and a draft pick probably Glenn Robinson or TJ Warren. Your take?
Darnell Mayberry 11:31 a.m. I like Shumpert. But I think this team needs more shooting. You want him? Fine. Just add more shooting along with him. The bigger issue to me is not personnel based, it's personality based. Outside of shooting, the thing that will put this team over the top in my eyes is the stars taking it upon themselves to be more consistent defenders, to committ to trusting their teammates with the pass, even in presuure-packed moments, to limit turnovers and for the coaching staff to implement more offensive structure so that it's not always the Durant and Westbrook show.
Reggie 11:32 a.m. Hi Darnell, it seems they are discussing every position of need for the Thunder other than a good post presence, what are the plans of adding a solid post presence this off season? Thank you.
Darnell Mayberry 11:32 a.m. Thanks for the question Reggie. The truth is about 20 other teams are asking the same question. Everybody wants one. Nobody knows where or how to get one. There just aren't many of them out there.
Tommy 11:32 a.m. Are you ready for the parade after the summer league?
Darnell Mayberry 11:32 a.m. Can't wait!
Armchair GM 11:32 a.m. Steve blake as a third PG at vet min thoughts?
Darnell Mayberry 11:33 a.m. I think they'll draft one before brining in Blake.
E.Flame 11:33 a.m. Darnell what do think of this trade with the bulls Sg Jimmy buttler for perry jones III & one our picks? Everyone wins the bulls shed cap we get a SG. And if they want to throw in mike dunlevy jr I'm all for it we can match with our trade E. And this is the first time this idea has been brought up I want credit.
Darnell Mayberry 11:34 a.m. Doubt the Bulls would do it. Chicago might be able to shed enough just by amnestying Boozer (or trading him for pennies on the dollar) and getting rid of Dunleavy.
Reggie 11:34 a.m. Could you see the thunder making a play for Marcin Gatat?
Darnell Mayberry 11:34 a.m. Nope.
Go Thunder 11:34 a.m. Any chance they look at a guy like Patrick Patterson who shot over 40% from 3 to be a floor spacer at the 4 like the Spurs have in Diaw and the Heat have had in Battier/Lewis? Could also guard those guys better than Collison/Ibaka.
Darnell Mayberry 11:35 a.m. I don't think it's likely. But he's not a bad idea.
Paul - Philippines 11:35 a.m. Who is your target if your okc for 21st and 29th pick? Is it better to get a pg and a big? I think its best to get sg/sf like kj mcdaniels at 21 and best available talent at 29 either pf or pg. Thought?
Darnell Mayberry 11:36 a.m. I don't think they're going to use both picks. I think they'll trade 29 for a veteran, and my guess is they take a point guard at 21. But that's only if they cant trade up.
t. in south florida 11:36 a.m. What kind of work does Steven Adams do with Kenny McFadden?
Darnell Mayberry 11:36 a.m. Good question. I'm not sure.
Armchair GM 11:36 a.m. You should change your twitter Avi to include Silver now.
Darnell Mayberry 11:36 a.m. If the opportunity presents itself, I'd consider it.
Steven M 11:37 a.m. Do you have a favorite draft-and-stash candidate if we keep both picks?
Darnell Mayberry 11:38 a.m. Nah. I don't really know those guys. I could sit up here and pretend to be an expert based on youtube videos, but that's not providing any inisght.
David 11:38 a.m. If the Thunder draft a great shooting guard like Rodney Hood at 21 or in a trade up then who do they go after in FA with the MPE, TPE, or other money?
Darnell Mayberry 11:39 a.m. My guess would be a starting shooting guard and a backup point guard. Hood is OK. But he wouldn't start for the Thunder, and he might not even crack the rotation next season.
t. in south florida 11:39 a.m. Oh, hey if you're coming through to Orlando for Summer Leaague, I'll buy you a drink good sir.
t. in south florida 11:39 a.m. ...The drink is in exchange for admission IN to Summer League of course
Darnell Mayberry 11:39 a.m. Oh, well no deal! :)
Cole 11:39 a.m. Do you think the Thunder should do a better job of managing minutes throughout the regular season? Possibly even give guys the night off now and again?
Darnell Mayberry 11:40 a.m. Giving guys a night off is taking it too far. They are still only 25 and younger for the most part. But I don't see anything wrong with sitting Durant more often.
Tommy 11:40 a.m. How many minutes do you see Nick Collison playing next year, his minutes reduced significantly this year
Darnell Mayberry 11:42 a.m. Yeah, so Slater is writing about that very topic for tomorrow's paper. You can find it online tonight, too. It's a great question, because as much as Collison does well, he really didn't have a great season. Could have been a chicken/egg type thing with his minutes. I don't know. But what I do know is his best days are behind him while young guns like PJ3 are gunning for more. So it's going to be an interesting decision Brooks has there. I have no idea what to expect.
Rick 11:42 a.m. I have been hearing thru some in the media that the thunder dosent really play within a system its basically a Westbrook,Durant show do you agree?
Darnell Mayberry 11:43 a.m. Yes. Go back and read just about any random posting of nuggets from my notebook after a game and you'll see my thoughts on it. I've felt that way for years.
John 11:44 a.m. Darnell- we had a short Twitter convo about some unmentioned FAs the Thunder could target- I threw out the idea of Bazemore or Patterson. Do you think if guys like these would be targeted, good fits and could trade exception secure them?
Darnell Mayberry 11:45 a.m. Like I told you on Twitter, John, Bazemore was a guy the Thunder at one point added to its summer league roster. Something happened that kept him from playing, either an injury or a deal with another team. I don't know the backstory there. But clearly the Thunder was interested in him at one point. I think he could be on the radar.
Steven M 11:45 a.m. Trying to comprehend the appeal of Shumpert/Miles over resigning Thabo. Thabo's bigger, knows the system. Is it the upsidee of a younger guy?
Darnell Mayberry 11:47 a.m. Younger. More upside. In Shumpert's case more athletic probably. Cheaper perhaps (Shumpert certainly will be next year). And I think Thabo's time is just up. His minutes were being cut, young guys are coming on in Lamb and Roberson and it's to the point where it's perhaps just best for both parties to go their separate ways.
Paul - Philippines 11:47 a.m. What happens to perry jones? Will he finally get the chance to play? I think its about time to give him a shot to becoming the first pf off the bench. Thoughts?
Darnell Mayberry 11:48 a.m. Goes back to my Collison/Jones statement. It's all up to Jones. Brooks is not just going to give it to him. He's got to take those minutes from Nick.
Josh of Ish 11:48 a.m. Let's say they get Morrow? Could/would they still go after Miles or someone like that?
Darnell Mayberry 11:48 a.m. I say yes. Morrow is a specialist off the bench. Miles is more versatile and a potential starter.
Josh of Ish 11:48 a.m. Traber is a blowhard with an open mic, I think you and Slater are both doing a great job.
Darnell Mayberry 11:48 a.m. Thanks a lot.
kk 11:48 a.m. are carmello and lebron coming over to the west?
Darnell Mayberry 11:49 a.m. Hope not. We don't need the East being any worse.
Billy in 4C 11:49 a.m. I do like Miles shooting ability, but how is his defense? And lets say we do pick up Miles, who do you believe are the thunder's best options in the draft?
Darnell Mayberry 11:50 a.m. He's solid defensively. He's not Tony Allen. But I don't think the Thunder would lose much from Thabo, especially after he regressed this year. And he's young enough to still get better. That's key.
Gerald 11:50 a.m. The thunders could make a trade for Omer Asik?
Darnell Mayberry 11:50 a.m. No.
Go Thunder 11:50 a.m. Still Perkins? Come on
Darnell Mayberry 11:50 a.m. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not saying it will happen. I'm just saying I'll believe Adams will start when I see it. I don't think Brooks will from day one.
Guest 11:51 a.m. What about Rubio? He seems to be falling out of favor in Minny. Rubio would be the perfect backup point and allow Reggie to start at the 2. He would be like what they had with Maynor with that change of pace backup point. He fits into the trade exception. What would it take to get him?
Darnell Mayberry 11:51 a.m. Not sure if Minnesota is still in love with him or open to trading him. My guess is the Wolves aren't ready to move on.
ErnieV 11:51 a.m. What are you most tired of hearing over and over again from us fans?
Darnell Mayberry 11:52 a.m. Hasn't been anything this year. Marcin Gortat last year wore me out.
Guest 11:52 a.m. How does a team benefit by trading a player for a trade exception? Can they do anything with it or does it just remove salary from their books?
Darnell Mayberry 11:55 a.m. Technically you don't trade a player for a trade exception. But when you trade salary and take nothing back you acquire an exception. It can benefit you in multple ways: help you shed salary, help you extend the life of an asset, or give you future flexibility to continue to add to your roster.
Shawn 11:55 a.m. If you and Slater were both NBA GMs, who would have the better team?
Darnell Mayberry 11:56 a.m. We've been down that road, on the Thunder Buddies podcast. It was proven that I'm a better GM than him.
ThunderMob 11:56 a.m. What percentage chance do you give OKC trading for Shumpert? What percentage chance for signing Miles in FA? Percentage chance for both those things happening this offseason? (I think getting both of them would be great for OKC)
Darnell Mayberry 11:56 a.m. Shumpert: 12 percent. Miles: 84 percent. Both: Not high.
ErnieV 11:57 a.m. I think a 2 guard and an extra point guard are the needs for this team for this up coming year. I'm tired of the scorig big man talk, especially when the Thunder have never had an offense designed with that in mind. Change the offense then let's talk big man scoring.
Darnell Mayberry 11:58 a.m. OK. Thanks Ernie. Quick amendment. Talk of the low-post scoring big man is probably the worse thing I constantly hear.
Cole 11:58 a.m. Not sure if I have seen you mention Zach Lavine as an option if we move up, am I wrong or do you not like the fit/his game?
Darnell Mayberry 11:59 a.m. He's intriguing. But apparently he's moving up. Not sure how high the Thunder would have to get to get him.
Josh of Ish 11:59 a.m. Is Dion Waiters too much of a locker room question or high usage rate to be a viable option?
Darnell Mayberry 11:59 a.m. Pretty much.
Sam 11:59 a.m. Honestly I kinda like Shumpert better than Affalo anyway. Affalo is what he is basically at this point in his career but Shump can grow and get better still
Darnell Mayberry 11:59 a.m. I think that kind of goes back to the win now or keep building for the future argument.
Armchair GM 12:00 p.m. Lamb played over 1500 mins, Adams 1100, Jones 750, Robes 400 can we stop saying Brooks doesn't play the youth? What is needed to debunk the notion that Brooks only plays the old vets?
Darnell Mayberry 12:02 p.m. KD played a league-leading 3,937 minutes this season. And how much did those guys you listed play in the postseason? Adams was the only one who remained in the rotation, and even he got axed a bit in the Memphis series. So, yeah, I think it's fair to still question it. As I said, Brooks did a great job in the regular season. But in the second half and the postseason, he rode Fisher and Butler and Westbrook and Durant, which was predictable.
OKC Jack 12:02 p.m. Patrick Patterson free agency? Doesn't make much, shoots over 40% from 3. Help space the floor like Diaw does for Spurs and Battier/Lewis for Heat?
Darnell Mayberry 12:02 p.m. How did so many become fans of Patrick Patterson all of a sudden?
Tommy 12:03 p.m. Many people get really upset because the thunder are 'cheap', but we have had success for 4 or 5 consecutive years now; personally I much rather make the playoffs every year than win next year and not make the playoffs for 10 years; it is a very delicate balance
Darnell Mayberry 12:05 p.m. You get it, Tommy. But I think a lot (not all or even most) of fans THINK they would rather win a championship at all costs next year and then not be in contention for the forseeable future as opposed to being in contention every year and running the risk of never winning it. The problem with that is it sounds better than it probably is.
Steven M 12:05 p.m. Your best guess at Reggie's Situation: Start at the 2 or come off the bench, resign or not resign?
Darnell Mayberry 12:05 p.m. Re-sign and come off the bench.
Patrick 12:05 p.m. Despite any free agent signings, I still think OKC's best lineup will be Russ-Reggie-Lamb-KD-Ibaka. This offseason is about those 5 getting better.
Darnell Mayberry 12:05 p.m. I love that lineup. Love that lineup.
Darnell Mayberry 12:08 p.m. Thanks for joining us today. Have a great week.
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