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Thunder-Mavericks quoteboard — Kevin Durant: ‘We have to come up with a better effort the next game.'

COMPILED BY RYAN SHARP AND DARNELL MAYBERRY, Staff Writers,; Modified: May 18, 2011 at 12:19 am •  Published: May 18, 2011

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook:

*“I just missed shots.”

Thunder guard James Harden:

*“We'll be fine. We're just getting a feel for them (coming) from a different series. So we're just going to have to adjust and watch film and be ready for Game 2.”

Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki:

*“Is it now or never? We feel like every year is a new opportunity for us. We're just trying to go for it.”


*“I was working a lot on my shot. I was in the gym every night (on our time off). When the first couple go in it's even better for the confidence.”

*“I was really looking to shoot early and really was able to get my rhythm; made the first couple of shots and that is always big for a shooter. And after that, I just kept attacking.”


*“Our bench was really great attacking. Everybody came through for us tonight.”


*“It's a win. Really that's all I care about. It was a tough Game 1. They kept coming. Durant kept making tough shots.”


*“We found a way to win, and that's what it's all about.”


*“Numbers don't mean anything if you lose.”


*“(Westbrook) is so good in the open court. He's so explosive getting to the rim. We've got to get back, and I thought we did a decent job. He still shot 18 free throws, so he's still getting to the rim.”


*“We weren't quite as sharp as we needed to be in the first quarter.”


*“I thought we held our own on the boards, which was big.”


*“I thought both teams tried to play physical, and there were a lot fouls called. They shot more free throws than we did. That's on the players to feel their way through the officiating early and to find a way to adjust.”



*“We've got to be better. In the fourth quarter, we had a nice lead and we started trading baskets.”


*“I think Game 2 is even bigger than Game 1. We've got to be better, and we've got to stay solid defensively.”


*Teammate “(J.J. Berea) is fearless. He can finish off the dribble with the best of them.”


*“What really helps him now is that he's really worked on his 3-point shot. Now, you can't just go under him and ... dare him to shoot.”


*“(Durant) is tough. He started off really in a groove. He's got a quick release, and he's long. He's a tough cover for the entire league. He's so long he can basically get a shot up at any time. It's not one guy, you've got to put several guys on him. He made some tough shots tonight, and that's why he's one of the best players in the league.”


*“We know they're more of a perimeter oriented team with Durant, Harden off the bench as well as Westbrook. I thought Tyson did a good job trying to protect the paint, and that's what I try to do as well.”

Mavericks guard Jason Terry:

*“This was a big game for us, and we needed to win this one after the long layoff.”

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle:

*“I thought maybe the biggest key to the game was (Shawn) Marion coming back after he got his nose broken by (Kendrick) Perkins. We need him out there to try and deal with (Kevin) Durant. He was bleeding. He had things stuck up his nose. It was a really difficult situation. But we desperately needed him out there.”

*“(Dirk) played great, obviously. We had a long layoff, but guys worked hard during that period. Dirk spends a lot of time working on his game. Getting to the bonus was big because that helped get him to the free throw line.”


*“We're going to have to quit fouling (Oklahoma City) as much. This series is going to be, in large part, about the free throw line.”


*“We're going to have to play better. Westbrook had a very subpar game for him. We had a lot of loose possessions that we're going to have to clean up.”


*“I thought maybe the biggest key to the game was Marion coming back after he got his nose broken by Perkins. We desperately needed him out there.”


*“Nowitzki was spectacular.”


*“We're going to have to have some more guys get involved in the scoring, and I think Oklahoma City is going to feel the same way about their team.”


*“One thing that is disappointing is that we got out-rebounded.”


*“(Dirk is) so good that in efforts to prevent him from getting the ball he draws a lot of fouls. There are very few guys in the league that can do that. Unfortunately for us, one of those other guys is Durant.”


*“I wasn't worried about the rust. I was worried about concentration slippage.”


*“They have a lot of pride in their ability to guard people. There will be an adjustment. They're going to do what they have to do.”

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