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Thunder's Kevin Durant becomes forward

By Darnell Mayberry Modified: November 25, 2008 at 5:30 am •  Published: November 25, 2008
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ercent shooting and went to the free-throw line eight times, his second-most attempts of the season.

Brooks moved Jeff Green to power forward to free up the small forward position for Durant, kicking off the start to the forward tandem the franchise wants to develop for the future.

"It gives them an opportunity to get in positions where they can take better shots and be able to guard guys easier,” Brooks said. "Because Kevin is basically 6-10 and it’s not an easy thing to do to guard smaller guys.”

Durant often struggled to defend smaller, quicker shooting guards who ran him off screens and used their speed to beat him off the dribble. The adjustment at small forward will be guarding stronger players with more low-post skills.

"He just has to get used to banging against bigger guys,” Green said. "When he was at (shooting guard) he had guys like Allen Iverson playing against him. But now it’s going to be players like LeBron (James) and (Carmelo Anthony).

"I feel he has a height advantage. Most guys who are at that (small forward) position are like 6-8. So it’s going to create a mismatch for him, and it makes it easier for me and him on the defensive end.”