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Thunder's lineups will change after trade

While newly acquired Kevin Martin plays the same position as James Harden, he likely won't play the same role. Coach Scott Brooks has plenty of flexibility on which five players he can deploy.
By John Rohde Published: October 30, 2012

Depending how well Martin meshes with his new teammates, the Thunder could easily have four 15-point scorers, and it'll come in a variety of lineups.

Here are some combinations, listed by positions 1 through 5:

Starting 5: Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, Ibaka, Perkins — Set the tone with some points and angst. The more Perk's presence is felt early, the more he'll play late. Mostly depends on his foul trouble (both personal and technical).

Alpha 5: Westbrook, Martin, Sefolosha, Durant, Ibaka — Brooks said he likes to dictate when the game goes small, and this lineup would do that after the first six minutes. This could become the team's most frequently used combination.

Second 5: Maynor/Jackson, Martin, Jones, Collison, Thabeet — The Thunder's second team has a new look and will search for the same success it had the previous three seasons.

Fab 5: Westbrook, Martin, Jones, Durant, Ibaka — Durant and Jones played side-by-side a few times this preseason, and Brooks playfully admitted he wasn't sure who was playing the 3 and who was the 4. Doesn't matter, just play them together.

Flash 5: Jackson, Westbrook, Jones, Durant, Ibaka — Opponents had better wear track shoes. Good luck beating this group down court. Start the clock with a starter's pistol.

Perimeter 5: Maynor, Martin, Durant, Ibaka, Westbrook — No one is positioned within 15 feet of the basket, except for Westbrook when he posts up at center.

Big 5: Westbrook, Durant, Collison, Perkins, Thabeet — When some enforcement is required down low.

Timecard 5: Maynor, Jackson, Sefolosha, Jones, Collison — Five guys who deserve more minutes.

Bobcat 5: Jackson, Lamb, Liggins, Jones, Thabeet — This group plays the entire fourth quarter against Charlotte.

“We have some flexibility,” Brooks said with a wry smile.