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Thunder's Nazr Mohammed supports laid-off NBA personnel

From Staff Reports Published: July 13, 2011

The Thunder's Nazr Mohammed spoke out on Twitter Tuesday in the wake of a report that the Charlotte Bobcats are laying off employees because of the NBA lockout.

“Everybody wants loyalty from the athletes in sports but no one says anything when teams don't show any,” Mohammed tweeted. “Team trade players and uproot their families. People are losing their jobs bcuz of lockouts. But when a player chooses to sign somewhere else then he's not loyal. Teams r firing people & not renewing contracts becuz of a lockout, that they imposed. Is that loyal?

“These people have families & bills too. It's not just about the athletes. The only loyal people in sports are the fans for the most part. If u want loyalty then 1st u must show some loyalty. The lockout should be between the athletes and ownership. It's already sad that fans & other entities are going to suffer but loyalty needs to be shown to someone. Firing people who were doing a good job to save money during a lockout u imposed is not cool.”

In response to a fan's tweet that Oklahoma City and the Thunder's ownership wants Mohammed here, Mohammed responded, “this is not about me. I'm happy w/ our organization. I love my teammates & fans. I've been around long enuf 2 know the business.”

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