Thursday, July 1, 2004

Oklahoman Published: July 1, 2004

Proposal would crush our rights

Regarding "Group's ads boost Coburn campaign; Candidate once criticized efforts" (news story, June 26): I was shocked to read that Tom Coburn would require that all of a candidate's donations come from those he or she would represent in Washington. If Coburn's view became law, the ability of groups like the National Rifle Association to fight candidates determined to attack our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms would be crushed.

The actions of a Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, for example, affect me and I have every constitutional right to send money to his opponent and try to defeat him. I plan to send money to an opponent of Hillary Clinton's Senate re-election bid in 2006. If Coburn's ideas were written into law, that would be illegal!

Steve Byas Norman

Corrective action

Regarding "Departing legislators absent for floor votes" (news story, June 28): I have a suggestion for a "corrective action plan" to be taken by each legislator who missed more than 5 percent of the total votes cast in their respective house. Let's deduct the same percentage from each legislator's monthly gross earnings from their retirement check or paycheck (whichever applies) for the next 12 months. Put that money back into the state treasury. If I performed that badly at my job, I'd be fired.

Dennis Fortmeyer Pauls Valley

Ban fireworks

My first reaction to reading "Fireworks cited in pups' deaths" (news story, June 29) was that whoever did this sick thing should have his mouth bashed in with a baseball bat and more. After cooling down, I can see a more pressing need to outlaw the possession, transportation and/or use of fireworks into/within the state of Oklahoma the only exception being for specified events and by trained and licensed personnel.

Art Mason Oklahoma City

Which is it?

/>Regarding "City to get early look at '9/11'" (news story, June 19): Oklahoma-based Progressive Alliance Foundation is a political action group concerned with such issues as environmental conservation and protection; anti-labor union laws; gay rights; health care; reproductive rights; civic, constitutional and privacy rights; responsible and ethical foreign policy and media reform.
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