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Time for Obama's 'fiefdom' to end

Published: November 3, 2012

With seemingly stunted rhetoric, President Obama chaotically forged the past four years' national objectives down an untenable course toward a looming precipice. The resulting consequences are a national debt crisis, the ubiquitous Obamacare dilemma, millions of jobless citizens and many other programs of his personal agendas we face today. And he still doesn't get it. We can't spend ourselves rich! His patent response to germane questions generally starts off by telling us “Look …”

We have looked. The viability of our country's current condition isn't sustainable by continuing down his administration's path. You don't pour water on a drowning man. Promises of transparency are moot. All we see are the final results of control by him and his “czars.” It's time for Obama's fiefdom to end. His latest arrogance was playing the “class card,” even though his own background is still but a nebulous landscape of checkered facts, fiction and spin. Some past associations have been with socialist advocates, communist-leaning mentors and firebrands such as the now infamous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. These aren't qualities I associate with a U.S. president.

John D. Wyckoff, Oklahoma City