Time for Sooner fans, nerds to hug it out

By Mr. Monday Modified: December 1, 2008 at 12:42 am •  Published: November 30, 2008
Have you hugged a nerd today?

Well, Sooner fans, you need to. Because without those computer jockeys, your favorite team would be spending the weekend doing its Christmas shopping instead of dancing the cha-cha with Missouri on the way to the national title game.

Yep, all those guys who spent summer at computer camp learning Fortran instead of out-routes and defensive formations are the MVPs of this season’s BCS race.

Why not spend today being nice to the nerds around you, as a token of appreciation to the world of sports we live in, where Jeff Sagarin has more say in who wins the national championship than someone who throws and catches the ball?

* Turn it off and turn it back on — yourself: The tried-and-true slogan of your local computer guy (besides “get up and let me look at it”). But in thanks to world of Nerdom, why don’t you do it yourself for a change? And while you’re at it, quit using Internet Explorer.

* Have an interesting conversation in the elevator: Remember, however, if you bring up the whole BCS scenario, you might blow their mind.

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