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Timeline: Douglass Mid-High School

Here is a look at the key dates in the recent history of Douglass Mid-High School, part of Oklahoma City Public Schools.
Published: November 29, 2012

• December 2011: Elijah Salaam Muhammad, who is Marcia Muhammad's son, is arrested in connection with the March 2010 parking lot attack on Staples. He is awaiting trial.

• June: Representatives of the NAACP file allegations against Staples with the Oklahoma City School Board. Staples is accused of rigging grades and attendance records.

• Oct. 3: District officials confirm that a complaint has been filed against Staples with the U.S. Department of Education. Local officials say their investigation will continue.

• Oct. 10: The district's Deputy Superintendent Sandra Park announces Staples is suspended with pay, though the investigation isn't complete.

• Oct. 11: Park asked the state Education Department to audit the transcripts of Douglass seniors.

• Oct. 24: Superintendent Karl Springer announces Staples would resign.

• Nov. 15: Staples' resignation goes into effect.

• Nov. 20: District and Douglass administrators construct a plan to help seniors graduate on time, through such strategies as after-school tutoring, Saturday school and online classes.

• Tuesday: The results of the transcript audit are revealed to Douglass faculty and staff.

• Thursday: District officials announce a state audit of Douglass student transcripts reveals only 20 out of 107 seniors are on track to graduate on time. Officials attribute the crisis to a breakdown in administrative procedures.