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Timeline: Health care law

Timeline: Health care law
Published: November 19, 2012

• April 2011: Fallin announces the state will not accept a $54.6 million grant for setting up a system where Oklahomans could shop for health insurance.

• June 2012: Supreme Court rules much of the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, including the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance, the mandated health care exchanges, but it allows states to decide on the Medicaid


• September: Pruitt renews Oklahoma's legal challenge to the act in federal court in Muskogee.

• October: GOP leadership in Oklahoma announces they will wait for results of the presidential election to make a decision on the health care exchange and Medicaid expansion, with the hope that Mitt Romney will be elected and repeal the law.

• Nov. 6: Romney is defeated by Obama.

• Nov. 19: Fallin announces the state will not set up a health care exchange or expand Medicaid.