Tips for Buying an Energy Efficient House

Published on NewsOK Published: November 14, 2012

Another factor to consider is the location of the home, not just in the old real estate sense of “location, location, location,” but its literal position on the lot. The home should take advantage of prevailing climate and environmental conditions; for example, a row of windows facing south to catch the sun would be a good thing, while the same set of windows on the north are not desirable. Landscaped lots also tend to be more energy efficient, especially if they contain mature trees and shrubs which act as a heat sink to control temperatures around your home, as long as they’re not too close. A looming tree can cast a shadow on the home and make it difficult to heat in the winter.

Smaller homes tend to be more energy efficient, which is another thing to consider. If you’re willing to scale down to a smaller lifestyle, your home will be less costly to run.

You should also look at the heating and cooling systems to see what’s been installed. These systems come with ratings that provide information about how much energy is required to run them. A well-insulated home should require less energy to heat and cool overall, and the best systems will be designed to work with the home to get the maximum returns. Appliances are another issue; some are more efficient than others, and could be costly to replace. Others may be certified through energy efficiency programs, which can make them very appealing.

As you look at potential energy efficient homes, remember that you don’t have to live with what you buy. You could make modifications such as a remodel or appliance switch out. A certified home in your preferred neighborhood might be out of your price range, but it’s possible you could buy a home that needs some work for much less, and you could use tax credits and other incentives to perform the work it would need to be more efficient. Your real estate agent can provide specific advice on the best modification decisions for your needs.

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