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Tom Brady's advice to Johnny Manziel Published: September 5, 2013

Johnny Football might be Joe Flacco's new favorite college quarterback, but it's doubtful that Tom Brady feels the same, according to Yahoo Sports.

The site reports Brady was interviewed by CNBC about a variety of topics on Wednesday, and one of the overarching themes is that he doesn't believe that getting older means getting worse.

He also talked about Tim Tebow and Texas A&M lightning rod Johnny Manziel. He never mentioned Manziel by his name, but he seems to frown upon Manziel's antics, according to Yahoo Sports.

"I get pretty emotional. I have a lot of respect for the teammates, for my teammates, for my organization, and certainly for other guys in the NFL. There's not a guy playing in the NFL who hasn't earned the right to be here, and who isn't supremely talented. He's probably been the best athlete in his high school class, in his elementary school class. So when you look across the ball you have respect for those guys, and you treat them with respect because football's a physical game..."

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