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Randy Ellis, Staff Writer Published: October 3, 2008
Tommy Black went to work at Mike Bryan Office Products on April Fool’s Day in 1960 and retired from the company on April Fool’s Day 35 years later.

When he turned 65, nobody had to push him out the retirement door.

“I was just ready,” said Black, 78, of Oklahoma City. “I was looking forward to it.”

Black has always loved to fish, hunt and play golf. He said retirement has been wonderful because it has given him more time to pursue those passions.

Betting against him on the golf course can be an expensive mistake. He was a member of the University of Oklahoma golf team in college and said he held a 4 or 5 under handicap for years.

Black shot a 66 on his 66th birthday at Lincoln Park East and said he can still shoot his age or under nearly every time out.

He knows how to catch catfish, too.

His wife’s uncle used to love to tell the story about how he went to visit one day and Black asked him if he wanted catfish for dinner. The uncle said, “yes.” Black grabbed his fishing gear, drove to Lake Hefner, and came back an hour or so later with a stringer of 8 or 10 good-sized catfish.

Black said having hobbies that aren’t limited by age is one key to a satisfying retirement.

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